Hotrods and Supercars

There is little more thrilling than getting behind the wheel of a fast car and heading out on the road. For most drivers the ability to occasionally drive a ferrari is a great thrill, as it is an incredible car and one that has few real equals. However, some drivers have found a greater thrill by building a car from scratch or even having a car built to specifications that can beat that moment when they drive a Ferrari: Nothing beats trying out a car that you have put personal effort into and seeing just it performs, for good or for ill. There is little that beats it.

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Two types of Cars

There are essentially two different types of high-end cars: hotrods and supercars. While there are many differences between the two, the basic difference is that a hotrod is primarily built by a single mechanic or team for personal use while a supercar is built by a team of mechanics in order to show off what a company can do. While a hotrod may be used in street racing and private exhibitions, the primary purpose is for a personal ride. On the other hand, a supercar is designed specifically as an advertisement for a business, a job it does admirably. 


A supercar is built to certain specifications. It is usually a limited edition from one of the elite automakers meant to show all that the automaker can do. The vehicle starts life as a standard-looking car, but is modified with an eye for power and performance; it may look like a regular muscle car or grand tourer but underneath the hood it is an entirely different vehicle with all sorts of minor and modifications, sometimes with outright experimental equipment and mechanisms. The vehicle comes with a rarefied price tag to match its uniqueness; while it may used in street racing and other exhibitions, it is definitely an advertisement for the company that produced it. 


A hotrod, on the other hand, is a masterwork of a different stripe. It is meant to be used and its modifications were retrofitted with a mind to see what kind of performance a person can get out of a vehicle. While the gear may be experimental, or at least not exactly street legal, the mechanic usually builds from what he has at hand and what he can afford. Thus while the car represents what can be done if a person has a chance to see what he can do, there are some very definite limits on what he can do. However, it can be pretty fun to see what a mechanic can do when he has a chance.

The basic difference between a hotrod and a supercar is their respective origins: A hotrod is definitely a homebrew made from whatever is available and whatever the mechanic can afford while a supercar has no real limits on what can go inside it and the person requesting the vehicle is willing to pay for the pleasure and privilege of that uniqueness. Either way the vehicle is definitely going to be a one of a kind thrill for whoever ends up driving it. 
Regardless of which one a person ultimately possesses, and "possession" is a debatable word in this context, the vehicle is in its own way top of the line. It has been crafted to beat every other vehicle on the road and is in its own way unique; even limited edition cars are further modified by their owners for their own purposes. Thus while it can be a great thrill to drive a Ferrari, as it is one of the best cars on the road in its own right, there are a few greater thrills out there, and those thrills are not easy to come by.